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How to make a Telegram Sticker

A guide to How to make a Telegram Sticker
After the telegram supported the homemade sticker, there was only one question. How do you make it? Here's how we explain how to make a telegraph sticker.

There are two things you should take care of in making a telegraph sticker. First, the orders will be carried out. Both file format recommended.

The order to make a telegram sticker made a sticker on telegram could be carried out through conversation with the stickers account (@stickers). Through that chat, you can give him commands by sending a message.

The orders that you can send to the telegram seal include the following:
  • /newpack-making a new set of stickers
  • /newstickers - adding a newmask
  • /addsticker - adds a sticker to the already existing set
  • /delsticker - removing a sticker from the existing set
  • /delseal - erasing the stickers on the set
  • /delpacks - erasing the current activity.
  • /publication - released a set of pertinent stickers

File format telegram sticker

The recommended file format is:
  • in a PNG file (portable network graphic)
  • Having a transparent background (layer)
  • The size of 512 x 512 pixels (one side must have 512 px, and the other side is 512 px or less)
  • Outline (stroke) is recommended and has a shadow (drop shadow). To make a fine contrast, it may also make a black outline before the white outline.

Examples can be found at

The steps for a telegram sticker

Here's how a telegram sticker is step by step:
  • Find an account sticker (@stickers) in contact.
  • Send the message /newpack to make a new set of stickers.
  • Name the set sticker, like, "cat unicorn."
  • Upload the PNG file from the corresponding sticker. Telegram recommends using telegram for web/desktop for the upload process.
  • Select an emoji that represents one of the stickers that will be uploaded. Telegram allows some emoji for one sticker. But recommended no more than two per sticker.
  • To create a sticker with a different emoji, we can restart the process above (sending an emoji and the next file).
  • When satisfied, we can release it by publishing a command/publication message.
  • Make a name to use as an address. Just write his name, not his url address.
  • Example: animals for a https://telegram. Me /addstickers/ animals, or ninjacatunicorns for https://telegrams me/addstickers/ninjacatunicorns.
  • Done.

You can share your sticker with your friends by sending me the address. As long as we're using the latest version of the telegram application, we can download the sticker and use it.

If you have a set of stickers, and you want to addstickers to one set, you can use such commands as:


My pack here is the name of the matching set of stickers. It's best to vary the command in order to manage a good collection of stickers.
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