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While the ad restriction storm done by AdSense these past few months, it will certainly make the blog owners Panic and look for the best AdSense alternatives that can be installed as a dollar recycling field on his blog. Some options appear, but the most trending, for now, is the MGID as the best AdSense alternative.

What is MGID? 
Maybe a lot of publishers and Advertiser Indonesia who do not know, because the new MGID entered in the local market starting from 2017, although it has stood from the year 2004 ago because they concentrate more on the American and European markets. And now it expands its wings to Asia Pacific and becomes a new challenger that you can choose as an alternative to AdSense.

Does the MGID actually pay? 
With a myriad of experiences in the field of native advertising is certainly a good name at stake. The MGID consistently pays its publicity. There is a lot of evidence about a published payment, you can check in some famous forums, one of which is a thread discussing MGID in Ads Id. Please read here!

Why MGID is better than AdSense
So many advertising companies that have grown in the last few years, can certainly be seen the track record and review of each advertiser or publicity. It's not wrong to have every publisher compare with AdSense, from how they work, ad placements, effectiveness, CPC size, payments, and so on. There are several advantages of MGID from AdSense which can be your consideration to switch to MGID:

MGID registration is easier than AdSense
Since 2014, for the Google AdSense list implementing a double-review system on every registrant who proposes to be a publisher, so it will complicate the registration of new blogs that are quite potent. MGID is more software with new publishers who are interested in joining. Provided the registered blog does not violate the TOS most likely will be accepted. And this is what makes MGID a great alternative in addition to AdSense.

MGID earnings can be greater than AdSense
Not nonsense, many have already felt the advantages of MGID from AdSense related to earnings. Please check your Ads Id thread on the link above for more details. However not all categories, because MGID will be very effective if your website blog has a niche health and beauty.

MGID very Publisher Friendly
It is not a common secret that AdSense sometimes arbitrarily against publicity. A storm banned once hit the publisher several times, sometimes playing white hat was affected. Without obvious reasons, and refuse to pay the income already earned.

MGID provides a dedicated manager for the publisher, so that any publisher or advertiser can consult directly with the manager who raised them about the problems faced, so that any mistakes are inevitable. With MGID, it is likely to be banned very small compared to AdSense, so the MGID will be a safer alternative to AdSense than others.

Can I install MGID with AdSense?
There is a similarity between MGID and AdSense in relation to regulations, i.e., the same prohibits publicity showing videos, images and words that are not beautiful in the blog, such as those that contain provocations, racists, nudity, and anything contrary to the religious, social, or regulatory norms of the country.

Based on the experience of its users who have integrated MGID with AdSense simultaneously in one blog also has never been problematic and can still produce. And also both the MGID and AdSense Manager never prohibit to integrate both on a single blog.

So it can be concluded that the MGID can be installed together with AdSense in one blog. So that publishers can benefit more from AdSense and also MGID. Therefore discard your doubts about the MGID and immediately register your blog at MGID.

And that's the review of MGID as the best AdSense alternative you can try to make money from your beloved blog. Hopefully this article is useful and make a solution for you who want to monetize your blog. Welcome to the MGID. 🙂

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